Carpet Stain Removal A-Z

This is your step by step guide to carpet stain removal for almost every spot known to man.

You can get rid of almost all stains with simple products from around the house. But first, a few words of caution. Don’t go trying any of these solutions before reading my general Carpet Spot Removal Tips.

Note: New stains are always being added so please check back regularly.

Ballpoint Pen - Simple soap and water is unlikely to remove ballpoint ink from your carpet. However, there are easy and inexpensive carpet stain removal methods to get rid of biro ink - Ballpoint Pen Spot Removal from Carpets

Bleach - Its primary use is as a stain remover but ironically there are times when bleach creates carpet stains. However, there is no need to consider your new carpet ruined just because of a bleach stain. Try one of these methods - Bleach Spot Removal from Carpets

Blood - Of all the ways that one can mistakenly stain a carpet, blood is one of the trickier stains to get out. However, don’t fret over blood spots on your carpet. By using the following methods for removing carpet stains, you can get ride of all traces - Blood Spot Removal from Carpets

Blueberry - Has a chunk of blueberry pie splattered on your beloved carpet? Don’t panic! Follow these strategies and no one will know that your little accident ever happened - Blueberry Spot Removal from Carpets

Butter - Removing a butter stain can be quite a bit trickier than removing other types of stains due to its greasy nature. However, carpet stain removal is possible and I'll show you how - Butter Spot Removal from Carpets

Candle Wax - Candle light has long been associated with romance. But that romantic mood can be killed the instant that candle wax drips on your much admired carpet. To get things back on track, follow these carpet stain removal steps to get rid of that that wax spot immediately - Candle Wax Spot Removal from Carpets

Chocolate - There are few things that people (particularly women) crave more than chocolate. However, it’s not so delightful when that tasty treat misses your mouth and ends up as a sticky mess on your carpet. You work on your aim and I’ll help to remove carpet stains - Chocolate Spot Removal from Carpets

Coffee - You’re in a rush, running around with a cup of coffee. You trip, and then splash – it ends up all over your carpet! Aside from being unsightly, coffee stains will make your carpet appear old and dirty. Don’t be troubled! That mess can be cleaned up in no time - Coffee Spot Removal from Carpets

Crayon - We probably don't remember the first time our crayon slipped off the paper and onto Mom's new carpet. But if the stain removal tips shown here weren't used, chances are that we can still see it. When even a small piece of a crayon melts, it can stain everything it comes in contact with - Crayon Spot Removal from Carpets

Curry – Most people will find colorful curry stains nearly impossible to remove from carpeting. Knowing the tricks to removing curry stains from your carpet can prevent permanent damage - Curry Spot Removal from Carpets

Feces – Feces stains happen! Maybe someone is really sick, you have pets or small children, or possibly you have an overflow in the bathroom. It’s not pleasant to deal with removing carpet stains from excrement but you know you are going to have to at some point - Feces Spot Removal from Carpets

Grass - There’s a good chance you’ve had to battle with grass stains if your kids enjoy playing outdoors. If you don’t act quickly, green and unsightly grass stains can be difficult to remove - Grass Spot Removal from Carpets

Grease - Whether it's a cooking, automotive or lubricating oil mark, the sooner you deal with a greasy stain, the better the outcome. Carpet stain removal can be achieved in several ways to have your carpet looking as good as new - Grease Spot Removal from Carpets

Gum – A stick of gum can be relaxing and calming. Of course, that peaceful state of mind may end with a sticky stain. When that happens, here's some carpet stain removal advice to chew on - Gum Spot Removal from Carpets

Hair Dye - Maybe next time you’ll pay attention when I tell you to only dye your hair in the backyard, in the nude! Although carpet stains caused by hair dye can be a major problem to remove, it can be done by acting quickly - Hair Dye Spot Removal from Carpets

Hydrogen Peroxide - It's an excellent antiseptic for scrapes and scratches. However, when hydrogen peroxide accidentally drips on your carpet, you need to take quick action - Hydrogen Peroxide Spot Removal from Carpets

Ink (Ballpoint, Permanent, Water-Based) - Removing ink can be a tough proposition but don’t get angry and let that ink stain get the better of you. Try these tips and even the toughest ink stain on your carpet doesn’t have to be permanent - Ink Spot Removal from Carpets

Iodine - Iodine is a skin sterilizer used to prevent and treat infections from scrapes, cuts and even surgical incisions. However, iodine is also capable of staining your carpet - Iodine Spot Removal from Carpets

Ketchup - Spilling ketchup on your carpet is not the end of the world. Ketchup will stain easily if left alone, but if you clean it when it happens, it can be easily removed - Ketchup Spot Removal from Carpets

Lipstick - While you’d like to keep that lovely red color on your lips and away from your carpet, it doesn’t always work out that way. Time is of the essence, tackle that smudge immediately to increase your chances of success - Lipstick Spot Removal from Carpets

Mildew - Unfortunately, mold is a fact of life. Mildew stains can cause lovely, expensive carpets to decolorize and rot. To prevent this from happening, follow these carpet stain removal methods to get rid of destructive mildew - Mildew Spot Removal from Carpets

Mustard - it’s a slippery filling enjoyed in sandwiches, hamburgers, and hot dogs, and can easily end up on your carpet after a bite. Here are some tips to get rid of that nasty, yellow carpet stain - Mustard Spot Removal from Carpets

Nail Polish - These stains are fairly common, especially among teens that are experimenting with nail polish for the first time. Use these tips to prevent having to hide the carpet stains with a random piece of furniture - Nail Polish Spot Removal from Carpets

Oil - Common oil stains are the result of encounters with cycle oil, car grease, lubricating oil or even cooking oils. Whatever the type, tackling the stain quickly is the key to success - Oil Spot Removal from Carpets

Paint - Painting is a wonderful and inexpensive way to brighten up a room and bring in the modern era. However, falling paint drops on your carpet are less than charming. But don’t despair! Try these tips to remove carpet stains - Paint Spot Removal from Carpets

Permanent Marker - Has your little artist used your carpet as their canvas and used permanent ink in an attempt to leave their mark forever? This can be a common problem with children who enjoy expressing their creativity - Permanent Marker Spot Removal from Carpets

Pets - Help! Pet stain removal is something that all pet owners will have to deal with at some point. Some owners will have to deal with it more than others depending on how naughty their little critter is - Pet Spot Removal from Carpets

Pollen - Lilies are big, bold and beautiful and will add a touch of class to any home. However, lurking under the beauty are tiny pollen grains that have such deep color and staining power that they can be instantly damaging to your carpet - Pollen Spot Removal from Carpets

Red Wine – No spill strikes more fear than a red wine disaster. However, a spilled glass of wine doesn’t make a ruined carpet. If treated quickly these carpet stains can be wiped clean - Red Wine Spot Removal from Carpets

Rust - It leaves a very unsightly reddish-brown stain which can be difficult to remove. However, you don’t have to throw away your carpet because of a rust spot. Just follow these simple steps to remove carpet stains - Rust Spot Removal from Carpets

Semen - Stains are easier to make than get rid of, especially when they come from receiving pleasure from your partner. Men can create semen stains when they orgasm and release their sperm cells. Follow these carpet stain removal tips to get rid of those embarrassing spots - Semen Spot Removal from Carpets

Shoe Polish - Shoe polish is great for shoes but bad for almost everything else. These carpet stain removal techniques will help put those unsightly marks behind you - Shoe Polish Spot Removal from Carpets

Soda - Soda is a tasty drink we all enjoy, but removing soda stains from your carpet is not quite as enjoyable. While all stains are a nuisance, soda stain removal does not have to be difficult. As with any stain, you should try to clean it right away, before it sets in - Soda Spot Removal from Carpets

Sunscreen - Sunscreen can be incredibly messy. It is not at all unlikely to get sunscreen on your carpet instead of your skin. If you have gotten sunscreen on your new carpet, here's what to do - Sunscreen Spot Removal from Carpets

Tar - If you've ever had the misfortune of stepping on freshly paved asphalt and sinking into the ground a little, you'll know the tar in asphalt is difficult to remove from any carpeting you unknowingly step on. - Tar Spot Removal from Carpets

Tea - How many times have you been rushing off to work and spilled tea over your lovely carpet? Well, here are some tips to help you get your tea fix without leaving the job of removing carpet stains - Tea Spot Removal from Carpets

Urine - Cats and dogs, especially those not neutered, have a tendency to "mark their territory" on your carpet. While it’s not scientifically proven, it’s possible that babies do the same. Here are some carpet stain removal tips to get rid of urine for good - Urine Spot Removal from Carpets

Water - Many folks wouldn’t believe that plain old water can actually stain a carpet. Well, it can. These water spot removal techniques will allow you to stay hydrated while keeping your delicate carpet stain free - Water Spot Removal from Carpets

Wine - During a dinner party with friends, there may be that little fear in the back of your mind that one of your guests may spill wine and stain your lovely carpet. Read these carpet stain removal tips and you’ll be worry free - Wine Spot Removal from Carpets

Have you reached carpet stain removal success? I hope so!

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