How to Clean Aluminum

This is your guide on how to clean aluminum to keep your window/door frames and other aluminum objects looking spotless.

Much of the aluminum that enters your life these days is extremely easy to care for.

Cleaning aluminum window and door frames is not a real problem. They are sold with a tough coating - white, primarily, but sometimes bronze or brown.

An all-purpose cleaner will shine them up nicely. But why not take care of two cleaning chores at once? Clean your windows with a glass cleaner, then wipe down the aluminum with the same stuff.

Cleaning older bare aluminum, the kind sold with a milled finish, presents more of a challenge. It may have started out shiny, but it tends to oxidize from years of exposure to the air, turning it a darker gray and giving it a rough feel. To clean this old-time aluminum, apply some penetrating lubricant/degreaser, which can be found in hardware stores and supermarkets, usually in the car accessories section. Spray it on or apply it with a cleaning rag. Then go over the aluminum with fine steel wool (00). Move the steel wool back and forth (not in circles), and don’t rub so hard that it scratches.

How to Clean AluminumWhen you’re finished cleaning aluminum, wipe the oil off with a clean rag. Test this method on an inconspicuous area first. This technique will make your aluminum lighter and brighter, but the effects of oxidation can’t be totally erased. If you’re still not happy with the appearance of your aluminum, consider giving it new life with a coating of latex paint. (Oil-based paint won’t stand up to the expansion and contraction that aluminum goes through outdoors.)

I hope this guide on how to clean aluminum brings you cleaning success!

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