How to Clean Things A-Z

How to CleanThis is your guide on how to clean just about anything. Use these techniques for cleaning your home and everything in it.

You’ll find cleaning is most effective and least bothersome when it’s done as a regular part of your everyday life. Too many people see cleaning as an odious chore that can’t be avoided (but is all to easy to put off). I’m here to convince you of the opposite: that if you have a positive attitude about cleaning and its benefits, cleaning becomes something that is much easier to accomplish. The more you know about cleaning and the more organized you are about it, the less effort, time and money you will have to spend actually doing it.

Below is an A-Z cleaning guide, which explains in precise detail how to clean common items in and around the home.

Note: New items are always being added so please check back regularly.

Aluminum - Cleaning aluminum window and door frames is not a real problem. They are sold with a tough coating. An all-purpose cleaner will shine them up nicely. Cleaning older bare aluminum, the kind sold with a milled finish, presents more of a challenge - Aluminum Cleaning Solutions

Brass - There are two kinds of brass to consider – brass with a protective lacquer coating (most common) and raw brass. Raw brass is the bigger challenge to care for, since this copper-and-zinc alloy oxidizes when it is exposed to air, resulting in tarnish - Brass Cleaning Solutions

Carpets - For routine carpet cleaning, carpet people say there are three things to consider: vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming removes about 85 percent of carpet dirt. To get down to the deep dirt, you need to periodically give your carpeting a more thorough cleaning than a vacuum cleaner can provide - Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Computers - Computers collect more than just dust, grimy fingerprints, crumbs, hair, fingernail clippings and other unidentified miniature objects. We’ve heard reports that they have been home for cookies, Batman action figures, spider nests and half a cheeseburger - Computer Cleaning Solutions

Granite Countertops - All granite is not alike. In fact, what you’re calling granite may not even be granite. Some of the countertops sold as granite may have only the appearance of granite. When it comes to cleaning granite countertops, knowing whether the material is genuine granite is important - Granite Countertop Cleaning Solutions

Hardwood Floors - When cleaning hardwood floors, the bad news is that you really should get down on your hands and knees. That’s right. And you can’t swab water all over the floor - it must be used sparingly. So get ready to play Cinderella - Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solutions

I hope this guide brings you cleaning success!

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