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Animals & Pets

Pet-Friendly Hotels and Accommodation - Hotels, motels, cottages and resorts for the whole family - pets included!

Rottweiler Dogs - Learn all about the Rottweiler from a real owner's perspective here, including how to care for them, about their health problems, training, history and much more. You can even add your own stories and pictures to this interactive website.

Family & Kids

Can Do Kids Crafts - Kids crafts can get messy! Take a look at some of Nannie CanDo's crafty projects... messy? You bet! But so much fun!

Math Problem Solving - Learn maths in a fun, friendly, easy way. Various techniques with examples. Algebra software. A forum for users to ask and answer questions. A fun corner for math jokes and tricks. Tutors can also advertise to reach needy students.

LeftHand NZ - Suppliers of products made especially for lefties; also providing resources and information for parents and teachers to help young left-handed children.

Surrogacy and Surrogate Mother Information

Food & Cooking

Brunch Menus - Find some great ideas for brunch menus plus quick and easy recipes to make for breakfast or brunch.


Wide Blue is the voice of the South African West Coast.

Majorca Tourist Travel Information Guide - Majorca, the number 1 destination for European tourists. Travel information guide for resorts, hotels, car rentals, flights, ferries, airport shuttles, entertainment, outdoor activities. Spanish taxes information, property sales and apartment rentals.

Book the Cheapest Flight - Bargain hunters your search ends here. Find the Cheapest Flight tickets to top US and international destinations at CheapOair. Book now and save! - Family of 9 travels the world.

Visit The Florida Keys for the vacation of your life. The Florida Keys island chain is strung between the Gulf and the open Atlantic. The Keys offers quick access to a wide range of waters. So come on down and bring your patience and your fishing rods.

Holiday Destination Denmark - Come to Denmark and experience a wonderful Holiday. Find out all you need to know about what to do and see in Denmark, Copenhagen and on beautiful Bornholm, the pearl in the Baltic Sea.

Travel to Mongolia - Learn when and why you should travel to Mongolia, travel requirements for Mongolia and check out the best deals on how to get there.

Other Useful Resources

Thumb Print and Thumb Print Too is the home for art, clothing, and objects... as genuine as your own.

Japan Living - Learn about living in Japan and working in Japan from those that do!

Inflation Deflation Survival - Free 90 page "Deflation Guidebook" about how to survive and get rich in deflation and the greater depression!

Professional Secretarial Services - Guidelines, tips and tools about organizing travel, vaccinations, travel itinerary template, and other travel issues. Plus other secretarial things, like translation, career issues, writing a letter, resume or meeting minutes. Information, tips, examples and much more make it easy to achieve your goal, whether you are a professional secretary, a manager, or just a private person.

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