Mildew Stain Removal Solutions

This is your step by step guide to mildew stain removal from clothes, fabrics, carpets and upholstery.

It’s a fact of life, however you don't have to suffer unsightly mildew stains any longer. Mildew stains can pop up just about anywhere, so use these stain removal techniques to stop mold in its tracks.

Below are solutions on how to remove mildew stains from clothes & fabrics, removing mildew stains from carpets & upholstery and from tiles.

Description: A superficial coating or discoloration of organic materials, such as cloth, paper or leather, caused by fungi, especially under damp conditions. Mildew is often used interchangeably with the word "mold." Both are generic terms that describe a variety of microorganisms, including fungi, algae, rusts, yeasts, and bacteria. Mildew requires three elements to survive and thrive: a warm climate, a food source, and moisture. This makes it a natural enemy to campers, homemakers, and college students everywhere.

Mildew stain removalMildew is prevalent in the warmer periods of the spring, summer, and fall. Mildew does not discriminate. It can manifest anywhere. So you may have to remove mildew stains from clothes, towels, jackets, upholstered car seats, the car trunk, on basement carpeting, on bathroom tiles, and shower curtains.

Mildew Stain Removal from Clothes & Fabrics

Solution 1:

1. Before removing mildew stains, take the item outside and brush off as much mildew as possible. This will prevent scattering the mold spores in the house.

2. Do one of the following:

If chlorine bleach is safe for the fabric, launder, using chlorine bleach and the hottest water that's safe for the fabric.

If chlorine bleach is not safe for the fabric, soak in oxygen bleach and hot water for at least 30 minutes, and then launder.

3. If possible, take the item outside and let it dry thoroughly in the sunlight.

Solution 2:

1. Soak overnight in lemon juice or salty water.

2. Wash in warm soapy water

3. Rinse well and dry in the sun.

Mildew Stain Removal from Carpets & Upholstery

Solution 1:

If there are mildew stains on the surface of the carpet, you must be careful not to add any more moisture to the area.

1. Vacuum the surface to draw out as much of the mildew as possible. Afterward, replace the vacuum-cleaner bag or remove the canister and clean outside.

2. Vigorously mix one tablespoon liquid laundry detergent and two cups cool water to create a froth of suds.

3. Using a damp cloth, apply the suds to the stained area. Sponge gently. Repeat until the stain disappears.

4. Rinse.

5. Thoroughly dry the area.

Mildew Stain Removal from Tiles

Solution 1:

1. Make sure that the room is well ventilated before treating the mildew.

2. Spray a tile cleaner on the tiles and shower curtain according to manufacturer’s instructions, or pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the tiles and shower curtain.

3. Scrub with a brush or sponge.

4. Rinse well with water.

5. If the stain remains, mix a 10% bleach solution and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the bleach mixture onto the stain. Let stand several minutes, then rinse well with water.

Have you reached mildew stain removal success? I hope so!

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