Soda Stain Removal Solutions

Soda stain removalThis is your step by step guide to soda stain removal from clothes, fabrics, carpets and upholstery. Soda, or soft drink, comes in many colors, such as red and dark brown. When soda is spilled onto your clothing or carpet, it leaves those same colors. These sticky and ugly spots need to be removed quickly before they set in permanently. Below are solutions on how to remove soda stains from clothes & fabrics and removing soda stains from carpets & upholstery.

Description: A non-alcoholic, flavored, carbonated beverage, usually commercially prepared and sold in bottles or cans. Coca Cola is the most popular soft drink in the world, though perhaps it wouldn’t be if food coloring weren’t added during its processing: It would be green! When it was first introduced to China, Coca Cola was marketed under the name “Ke-kou-ke-la.” After thousands of advertisements had been printed, the company discovered that the name translated to “bite the wax tadpole” or “female horse stuffed with wax,” depending on the dialect. The name was then changed to “Ko-kou-ko-le,” which loosely translates to “happiness in the mouth.”

Because soda’s are carbonated and their bottles are tightly sealed, the probability that the pressure will build up and make them spray when opened is high; when this happens, removing soda stains from all areas of clothing, furniture, walls, and flooring is possible. Die hard soda drinkers may find themselves having to remove soda stains in the morning, but staining will usually occur in the afternoon or evening, when this beverage is most often consumed.

Tip: Getting the stain out as soon as possible is important: Cola and soft drinks will discolor fabrics as they oxidize.

Soda Stain Removal from Clothes & Fabrics

Solution 1:

1. Sponge as soon as possible with a solution of equal parts alcohol and water.

2. On washable clothes, bleach out remaining stains with an equal mixture of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and water. Saturate the stain and wait 20 minutes.

3. If the stain is gone, launder as usual. Repeat if the stain remains.

4. Borax is also effective in soda removal. Moisten the spot thoroughly and sprinkle with borax, working well between your thumbs.

5. Flush with water and treat again if necessary.

Solution 2:

For dried stains on fabric –

1. Soften the stain by rubbing glycerin into the cloth.

2. Let stand for 30 minutes. If glycerin is not available, soak the stain in a sudsy liquid enzyme detergent mixture until the stain is loosened.

3. Rinse well in cold water.

4. Rub liquid enzyme detergent into stain. Let stand several minutes.

5. Launder in the hottest water safe for the fabric.

6. If the stain remains, apply a laundry presoak (spot stain remover), then launder, adding a bleach that is safe for the fabric. Test first for colorfastness.

Soda Stain Removal from Carpets & Upholstery

Solution 1:

1. Sponge with mild detergent (1 teaspoon neutral detergent – that is, no alkalis or bleaches – in 1 cup lukewarm water).

2. Next, sponge with vinegar solution (1/3 cup white vinegar in 2/3 cup water).

3. Sponge with clean water.

Solution 2:

1. Blot immediately with an absorbent cloth. Absorb as much liquid as possible.

2. Sponge with a sudsy mixture of liquid laundry detergent and cold water. Continue until you have removed as much stain as possible.

3. Sponge with a clean, damp cloth, then let dry.

4. Vacuum.

5. If the stain remains, repeat steps 2 through 4 as needed.

6. If the stain remains, apply a carpet spotter according to manufacturer’s directions.

Have you reached soda stain removal success? I hope so!

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