Stain Removal from Clothes A-Z

This is your step by step guide to stain removal from clothes and fabrics for almost every spot known to man.

You can get rid of almost all stains with simple products from around the house. But first, a few words of caution. Don’t go trying any of these removal solutions before reading my general Stain Removal from Clothes Tips.

Note: New stains are always being added so please check back regularly.

Ballpoint Pen - A ballpoint pen clothes stain is something most people have to deal with at one point or the other. Ink can be pretty tough to get out, but most biro ink stains come out with a bit of persistence and patience - Ballpoint Pen Spot Removal from Clothes

Bleach - You will encounter different types of bleach as you deal with different types of stains. The irony here is that, as you try to remove a stain using bleach, there are times when this bleaching agent itself stains your clothes - Bleach Spot Removal from Clothes

Blood - Blood is one of the most difficult substances to remove once it has stained clothing or fabric. However, blood stain removal from clothes can be accomplished with some help, usually with everyday items that can be found around the house - Blood Spot Removal from Clothes

Blueberry - Blueberries are delicious to eat, however their rich juices can sometimes leave a reminder behind in the form of a difficult clothing stain. With a few easy strategies, you can remove blueberry stains and be left with only the delicious memories - Blueberry Spot Removal from Clothes

Butter - Knowing which side your bread is buttered on may help you avoid getting it on your shirt sleeve and having to deal with stain removal from clothes. However, if you are unlucky enough to forget where the butter is, remembering these tips will help you get rid of that greasy spot - Butter Spot Removal from Clothes

Candle Wax - Candle wax is a common problem, but no one really knows just how easy it is to solve. Scrubbing, washing, scratching and scraping won't do it. Well, you'll be happy to know that if you've got an iron, I’ve got an easy solution for clothing stain removal - Candle Wax Spot Removal from Clothes

Chocolate - It's hard to say what's worse - the chocolate stain on your shirt or the fact that that delicious morsel has been wasted. While you ponder on that, read these instructions on how to get rid of this clothes stain - Chocolate Spot Removal from Clothes

Coffee - They are as inevitable as morning's arrival. Everyone has had their slippery experiences with scalding coffee. And they can leave scars: the type that need to be removed - Coffee Spot Removal from Clothes

Crayon - Crayons are part of being a child. Crayon stain removal from clothes, therefore, is part of being a parent. No matter how careful you are, you can end up sitting on a crayon or miss removing one from a child's pocket when doing laundry. When even a small piece of a crayon melts, it can stain everything it comes in contact with - Crayon Spot Removal from Clothes

Curry - Curries are delicious but drop some and you have a rather interesting and pretty stubborn stain to deal with. Here is a way to remove it before you consider tossing those clothes - Curry Spot Removal from Clothes

Deodorant - All of us, at one time or another, have gotten deodorant stains on a favorite item of clothing. Use these deodorant stain removal from clothing methods and you won’t have to resort to throwing away your favorite t-shirt - Deodorant Spot Removal from Clothes

Feces - Feces stain removal from clothes can become necessary when caring for babies, sick loved ones, or when our pets have accidents. As unpleasant as the topic is, it’s best to learn how to keep your clothes clean from these accidents - Feces Spot Removal from Clothes

Grass - So, you’re absolutely fed up with grass stains. It may be a stain that you got from working in your beautiful garden, or perhaps a stain that your kids happily brought home. Either way, those grass stains have got to go - Grass Spot Removal from Clothes

Grease - Grease stains come in different types. Grease can splash onto clothes from cooking, or oil can spill on fabric when working on cars. Whatever type of grease stain you encounter, it can be a stubborn stain to remove - Grease Spot Removal from Clothes

Gum - As careful as you might be, inevitably you will get a piece of gum stuck to your clothes. Don’t panic! The answer to successful gum stain removal from clothes, even from delicate fabrics, is easier than you think - Gum Spot Removal from Clothes

Hair Dye - If you've dyed your hair, it's possible some of the hair dye may have ended up as a clothing stain. Act fast and use supplies from home to thoroughly remove a hair dye stain from your clothes - Hair Dye Spot Removal from Clothes

Hydrogen Peroxide - The majority of us have it in our medicine cabinets. Hydrogen peroxide works brilliantly as an antiseptic, but not so brilliantly as a stain on your favorite shirt or dress - Hydrogen Peroxide Spot Removal from Clothes

Ink (Ballpoint, Permanent, Water-Based) - Have you ever had those irritating pen markings on pants or shirts at the pocket area? Not to fear, ink stain removal from clothes can be fairly simple if you try the following solutions - Ink Spot Removal from Clothes

Iodine - Iodine helps eliminate bacteria and therefore is commonly used as a skin sterilizer prior to surgery. While iodine has wonderful uses, a major drawback is when it stains your clothing - Iodine Spot Removal from Clothes

Ketchup - Ketchup, like many other tomato-based stains, can be an obvious and stubborn stain. One squirt too many from the condiment bottle or a drip from your hot dog can soil your favorite shirt - Ketchup Spot Removal from Clothes

Lipstick - It seems that shirts (primarily their collars) are often the victim of lipstick stains. But you can avoid clothes stains from those red, purple, pink, or even green smudges by just taking a few simple steps - Lipstick Spot Removal from Clothes

Mildew - When your gym clothes have been abandoned and left in damp conditions for a long time, you may find that they have accumulated nasty odors and mildew stains. Once you find mold and mildew spots, remove them as soon as you can - Mildew Spot Removal from Clothes

Mustard - It may seem like every time you eat a hot dog, mustard ends up on your shirt. Mustard leaves a yellow spot that can be very difficult to remove but knowing the right method of cleaning will help you remove the stain completely - Mustard Spot Removal from Clothes

Nail Polish - Nail polish is a really frustrating substance to remove once it has stained your clothing. But if you have a few common household items at hand and know what you're doing, you can usually find a way to achieve clothing stain removal - Nail Polish Spot Removal from Clothes

Oil - Whether it's a cooking, automotive or lubricating oil mark, the sooner you deal with an oily stain on your clothing, the better the outcome. Follow these directions to minimize the risk of permanent stains - Oil Spot Removal from Clothes

Paint - Painting is a great way to update a room and and give it a fresh look. Follow these tips to make sure your clothes don't become innocent victims of your home-improvement efforts - Paint Spot Removal from Clothes

Permanent Marker - Perhaps the most intimidating thing about permanent marker is the permanent part. The name itself gives off the impression that no matter what you do, that marker is on there forever. Fortunately, there are solutions at hand - Permanent Marker Spot Removal from Clothes

Pets - Our furry friends provide years of companionship. Sometimes, however, they can also provide hours of clean-up when they have accidents. Here are some tips to quickly get those stains away - Pet Spot Removal from Clothes

Pollen - Pollen can stain your clothes when you are gathering those gorgeous flowers, or while walking through the woods on a windy day. In addition, flower bouquets can cause stains from their pollen if you brush against them - Pollen Spot Removal from Clothes

Red Wine - There are some clothing stains you hardly have to worry about right away and then there are those that need to be taken care of right away. Red wine stain removal from clothes would be in the latter category. Act quick and get rid of that dreadful mark - Red Wine Spot Removal from Clothes

Rust – If you accidentally brush up against a rusty surface, you'll be rewarded with a serious laundry stain. Follow these tips on rust stain removal from clothes to give your garments a clean start - Rust Spot Removal from Clothes

Semen - No matter how many times you vow to be careful when you want to have a good time, it can be difficult to avoid semen spots. It helps to know semen stain removal from clothes because these are the kinds of stain you don't want other people to find - Semen Spot Removal from Clothes

Shoe Polish - Shoe polish can do wonders for dull and dingy shoes, but shoe polish stain removal from clothes can be a very tricky task - Shoe Polish Spot Removal from Clothes

Soda - When treating soda stains on clothing, the most important thing to remember is to treat spills as soon as possible. The longer you wait before treating stains, the harder they are to remove - Soda Spot Removal from Clothes

Sunscreen - A number of moisture-resistant ingredients in sunscreen can stain your clothing. Sunscreen may also contain dyes. Sunscreen stains may be invisible at first, but time and heat can cause them to show. Fortunately, you can learn skills to remove such stains - Sunscreen Spot Removal from Clothes

Sweat - When life gets tough and makes you sweat, you inevitably come away with a broader knowledge of the world around you, and a lovely yellow armpit stain on your shirt. Keep the knowledge, but lose the not so charming stain - Sweat Spot Removal from Clothes

Tar - If you've ever had the misfortune of stepping on freshly paved asphalt and sinking into the ground a little, you'll know the tar in asphalt is difficult to remove from shoes and other bits of clothing - Tar Spot Removal from Clothes

Tea - Do you have a cup of tea each morning for breakfast? How many times have you spilled that tea on your work clothing or your professional suit? The good news is that you can successfully clean tea stains if you do so in the right way - Tea Spot Removal from Clothes

Urine - Whether you have children or someone in your family suffers from incontinence, urine stains on clothing can be a common problem. Fortunately, urine stain removal from clothes is fairly easy to achieve - Urine Spot Removal from Clothes

Water - Water is a clever element: Can't live with it, can't live without it. These water spot removal techniques will allow you to stay hydrated while keeping your delicate clothes stain free - Water Spot Removal from Clothes

Wine - You’re at a party and someone accidentally bumps into you, spilling your glass of red wine all over your shirt or blouse. What do you do? Don’t cry over your spilled wine and don’t panic - Wine Spot Removal from Clothes

Have you been successful in stain removal from clothes? I hope so!

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