Best Stain Removal Products

Stain removal productsThis is a list of the best stain removal products on the market. There are many commercial stain remover products designed to treat specific types of stains, often with varying degrees of success. The following products have been consistently successful in tests conducted by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute:

Afta Dry Cleaning Solvent and Stain Remover: Afta stain removal products make easy work of oil, grease and dirt stains. They are also fantastic for removing adhesive from fabrics, carpets, furniture, furs, drapery, automotive interiors and hard surfaces. Afta fluids dry quickly without leaving rings.

Carbona Color Run Remover: removes unwanted dye stains from whites and colorfast fabrics. It contains no bleach, formaldehyde or phosphates - but its special formula is even effective on previous color-run accidents where the streaks or dyes were set in the dryer! Plus, Carbona Color Run Remover can be used to brighten whites and it may even restore the original color of some colorfast garments that have become dingy by dye from other items.

Red Erase from Evergreen Labs: Designed by a mom, this stain remover product can rescue clothing, upholstery and carpets from grape juice, fruit punch, jam and jelly, red licorice, medicine, and gelatin desserts, as well as stains from ink pens, lipstick and pet accidents. Safe to use around your children and pets because it's a water-based, biodegradable product made of all natural fruit and vegetable extracts, with a fresh citrus scent.

Rit Color Remover: safely removes most stains on whites that have accidentally been washed with colored items. You can use it to remove stains such as fruit juice, ketchup, tea and rust. Also removes or reduces fabric color before dyeing to a different or lighter color.

Rit Rust Remover: safely removes rust spots and fabric discoloration caused by rusty water. Ideal for washable whites and some colored fabric. Removes iron and rust in heavy soils. Not for use on wool or silk.

Whink Rust Remover: This Rust Stain Remover product in the "brown bottle", has been the #1 pure liquid rust stain remover since 1947! The convenient liquid formula quickly and easily removes rust stains from colorfast fabrics and carpets, as well as white sinks & white toilet bowls.

Wine Away from Evergreen Labs: Works on fresh and dried stains without the use of bleach or phosphates. Also removes coffee, blood, ink, fruit punch, sauces, red medicine stains, and even pet accidents. It has a fresh citrus scent and is safe to use around children or pets. This stain removal product has been featured in: Good Housekeeping, Food & Wine, Washington Post, Cooking Light, Gourmet, InStyle and many other nationally recognized magazines.

Use these stain removal products and you are guaranteed to get rid of those darn spots!

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