Stain Removal A-Z

This is your step by step guide to stain removal for almost every spot known to man. Solutions are provided to remove stains from clothes, fabrics, carpets and upholstery.

You can get rid of almost all stains with simple products from around the house. But first, a few words of caution.

Don’t go trying any of these removal solutions before reading my general Stain Removal Tips.

Note: New stains are always being added so please check back regularly.

Ballpoint Pen - Ballpoint pen ink is not something that you can usually remove with simple soap and water, but there is an easy and inexpensive way to remove stains of biro ink - Ballpoint Pen Spot Removal Solutions

Bleach - The removal of bleach stains is more akin to restoring the color that has been lost, either by stripping away the damaged fabric on a molecular level, or by fading the color of the surrounding fabric to blend in the bleach stain - Bleach Spot Removal Solutions

Blood - There are a lot of different ways one can create a stain by accident, and one of the toughest ones to get out is a blood stain. If you get blood on your carpet or clothing, don't worry. With patience and diligence, you can remove any trace of it - Blood Spot Removal Solutions

Blueberry - Don't panic when a piece of blueberry pie splashes onto your new white pants or cream colored carpet. Successful blueberry stain removal can be accomplished by trying a few of these strategies - Blueberry Spot Removal Solutions

Butter - Because butter is often used during cooking and as a popular condiment, it creates a greater chance of stains. You can follow a few simple steps to remove butter spots from almost any surface - Butter Spot Removal Solutions

Candle Wax - Candlelight sets a romantic mood. That’s until candle wax suddenly drips on your carpet or your sleeve as you reach for your date's hand. You need to quickly get rid of the wax stain so you can get the mood back on track - Candle Wax Spot Removal Solutions

Chocolate - Chocolate’s a tasty treat when it makes it into your mouth, but it’s also a sticky mess when it doesn't (Let’s hope that doesn’t happen too often). We’ll help removing stains from that sticky mess if you promise to work on your aim - Chocolate Spot Removal Solutions

Coffee - They are as inevitable as morning's arrival. Everyone has had their slippery experiences with scalding coffee. And they can leave scars: the type that need to be removed - Coffee Spot Removal Solutions

Concrete - The essential first step for concrete stain removal is to determine what caused the grime or stain, if you can, and then act fast. The longer an untreated stain stays on concrete, the more likely it is to seep in and become part of the whole - Concrete Spot Removal Solutions

Crayon - Children love to color, but where there are crayons, there are walls with markings, carpeting with crayon stains, and they can even end up in the laundry. These methods for cleaning crayon spots can make your job of being a parent or guardian less stressful - Crayon Spot Removal Solutions

Curry - Plenty of folks have discovered how delicious curry can be, but not as many know what do to when curry stains appear on their carpet or clothing. Prompt treatment will give you the best chance of curry stain removal if you've spilled a spoonful of your delicious dinner - Curry Spot Removal Solutions

Deodorant - This product may be designed to stop odors, but the sight of it can be less than pleasant. Whether it comes from exercise or by accident, it can ruin the appearance of many materials - Deodorant Spot Removal Solutions

Feces – It can happen for a variety of reasons such as small children, if someone is really sick, if you have pets, or possibly you have an overflow in the bathroom. Removing stains of excrement is not pleasant but you know you are going to have to - Feces Spot Removal Solutions

Furniture – Consider that dining room table you bought a few years ago. Wouldn’t it be nice if, years down the road, your grandchildren prized it as an antique? Follow these furniture stain removal tips for common spots - Furniture Spot Removal Solutions

Grass - If your children love to play outside, there’s a good chance you’ve had to contend with grass stains. Green and unsightly, grass stain removal can be difficult if you don’t act quickly - Grass Spot Removal Solutions

Grease - They come in all shapes and sizes and from a variety of sources. Whether your stain is from cooking oil or automotive grease, stain removal can be achieved in several ways to have your carpets and clothing looking as good as new - Grease Spot Removal Solutions

Gum - It's fun chewing on gum, but gum stains can really burst your bubble. When you get into sticky situations with chewing gum, use these stain removal tips to get you out of them - Gum Spot Removal Solutions

Hair Dye - If you didn't listen to me when I told you to dye your hair naked in the backyard, then hair-dye spots may be a major problem for you. Although hair dye stains can be a formidable mess to clean, it can be done by acting quickly - Hair Dye Spot Removal Solutions

Hard Water - The term “hard water” is used to describe water that is high in certain minerals, usually calcium and magnesium. A high enough concentration of these metals in your water can cause white lime scales on surfaces which the water comes into contact with - Hard Water Spot Removal Solutions

Hydrogen Peroxide - Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used as a stain remover, similar to bleach, to take out color and sanitize surfaces. Paradoxically, hydrogen peroxide can also cause stains. If this is the case, follow these stain removal tips - Hydrogen Peroxide Spot Removal Solutions

Ink (Ballpoint, Permanent, Water-Based) - Have you been the victim of an ink stain? Try not to explode along with your pen. The written word may live on forever, but an ink stain doesn't have to be permanent - Ink Spot Removal Solutions

Iodine – Iodine can come in handy when cleaning up a wound, but when it gets on your clothes or carpet it can be a real pain - Iodine Spot Removal Solutions

Ketchup – Ketchup is one of the world’s favorite condiments: we drizzle it on hamburgers and hot dogs, and drown french fries, hash browns, and eggs in the stuff. With all the ketchup that’s consumed, we should know the proper way to remove those unsightly red blotches - Ketchup Spot Removal Solutions

Leather – Leather means any skin or hide that has been tanned, but after that the similarities end and the differences begin. The two main categories of leather, natural and coated, require different cleaning techniques - Leather Spot Removal Solutions

Lipstick - You obviously want to keep that beautiful red color on your lips and not on your clothes or carpet, but that's hard to do sometimes. You may not notice the stain or you may not have time to deal with it. But the sooner you confront that smudge, the better - Lipstick Spot Removal Solutions

Marble - Here’s a stone-cold fact to keep in mind when cleaning marble: although marble is a heavy stone that may seem indestructible, it is actually porous and far more impervious to harsh treatment - Marble Spot Removal Solutions

Mattress - If you never give a thought to cleaning your mattress, here’s a wake-up call: dust mites are almost certainly feasting on dander in your neglected bed and mold spores may also be multiplying - Mattress Spot Removal Solutions

Mildew - It’s a fact of life, however you don't have to suffer unsightly mildew stains any longer. Mildew stains can pop up just about anywhere, so use these stain removal techniques to stop mold in its tracks - Mildew Spot Removal Solutions

Mold - It’s a home invasion, all right. Mold is an intruder that can destroy fabrics and upholstery, disintegrate wall paper and trigger allergies. But with some simple tools and stain removal know-how, you can defend your home against this micro menace - Mold Spot Removal Solutions

Mustard - It's a favorite condiment enjoyed the world over, but when it drips on your clothes rather than on your food, it’s not quite so enjoyable. What makes mustard stains extra-tricky is that they naturally contain Turmeric, a natural dye that sticks incredibly well to fabric - Mustard Spot Removal Solutions

Nail Polish - Do you do your own nails? If so, there is sure to be a time that you have spilled nail polish on your clothing or carpet. The only way to keep from having nail polish accidents is to do your nails naked in the backyard - Nail Polish Spot Removal Solutions

Oil (Motor, Cooking, Olive) - Whether it's a cooking, automotive or lubricating oil mark, the sooner you deal with an oily stain, the better the outcome. Follow the directions below to minimize the risk of permanent stains - Oil Spot Removal Solutions

Paint (Water-Based, Oil-Based) - Painting your house isn't exactly a walk in the park, but if you get paint stains on your clothes or carpet, an afternoon of home improvement can turn into a real mess. Act quick with these stain removal tips - Paint Spot Removal Solutions

Permanent Marker - As the name indicates, permanent markers are permanent - so you may not be able to remove stains completely. You can lighten the stain significantly though, and may be able to lighten it enough that it will be hardly noticeable - Permanent Marker Spot Removal Solutions

Pets - People love their pets, but don't love dealing with the nasty stains of urine and feces these animals leave behind. Pet stain removal is a twofold task - you not only need to remove the actual stain, but need to deal with the odor problem associated with it - Pet Spot Removal Solutions

Pollen - You’ve just been given a beautiful bouquet of flowers and you’re delighted until you notice the bright orange stains on your shirt and on the carpet. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be stuck with those pollen spots forever - Pollen Spot Removal Solutions

Red Wine – You’re at a party and someone accidentally bumps into you, spilling your glass of red wine all over the show. What do you do? Don’t cry over your spilled wine and don’t panic - Red Wine Spot Removal Solutions

Roof - Moss, algae, and mildew adore your roof. Embark cautiously on do-it-yourself roof stain removal. When you combine a steep pitch with the use of ladders and cleaners that make the roof slippery, you have a recipe for potential disaster hanging over your head - Roof Spot Removal Solutions

Rug - The best way to keep a rug looking fresh is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place. Remove your outdoor shoes when entering the house and you’ll cut down on 80 percent of the dirt tracked in. But for now, use these tips - Rug Spot Removal Solutions

Rust – Has your favorite fabric or carpet been attacked with a rust stain? Hold on, you don't have to throw it away! You'd be surprised at what the help of a little lemon could do; just follow these simple steps - Rust Spot Removal Solutions

Semen - Sexual pleasure is not something you should be ashamed of since it comes naturally, but indelible semen stains are another thing. Follow these tips on semen stain removal and say goodbye to the embarrassment of having other people see your sticky smudges - Semen Spot Removal Solutions

Shoe Polish - Shoe polish is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into shoes that have seen better days. Unfortunately, while it can restore shoes to their former glory, it can destroy clothing and carpeting - Shoe Polish Spot Removal Solutions

Silk - When cleaning silk, you don’t want to turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear by using the wrong technique. Many silk garments are washable if you are careful - Silk Spot Removal Solutions

Soda - Soda, or soft drink, comes in many colors. When soda is spilled onto your clothing or carpet, it leaves those same colors. These sticky and ugly spots need to be removed quickly before they set in permanently - Soda Spot Removal Solutions

Sunscreen - Many people apply sunscreen to protect against the sun's harmful rays. But applying sunscreen can be messy, and it’s possible that blotches will end up on your clothes or carpet. If so, here’s what to do - Sunscreen Spot Removal Solutions

Sweat - Perspiration is the body's way of cooling itself. What's not cool are the spots it can leave behind. Follow these tips to erase unsightly sweat stains - Sweat Spot Removal Solutions

Tar - If you've ever had the misfortune of stepping on freshly paved asphalt and sinking into the ground a little, you'll know the tar in asphalt is difficult to remove from shoes and anything else - Tar Spot Removal Solutions

Tea - It's a wonderful drink. It tastes great and can relax and soothe us. But I’m definitely not soothed when there’s a tea spill on my clothes or carpet - Tea Spot Removal Solutions

Toilet - We all have them. We all have to clean them. There’s no getting around that. But most people are not very efficient at cleaning their toilets. And many are stumped by those stubborn rings left around the bowl - Toilet Spot Removal Solutions

Urine - Anybody who has ever tried to potty train a toddler knows about urine - the smell, the color, yuck! These removal techniques will erase any trace of urine stains. If only they could do the same for memories of the potty-training process - Urine Spot Removal Solutions

Water - Who would have thought plain old water could actually stain a carpet or delicate fabric? Well, it can. Small amounts of sediment dissolved in the water can be left behind when a water spot dries, leaving a tell tale stain. Happily, in most cases, water stain removal is no hassle - Water Spot Removal Solutions

Wine - Dinner with family and friends is not complete without a good wine to complement a wonderful meal. There may be that little fear in the back of your mind that one of your guests may spill wine and create a stain - Wine Spot Removal Solutions

Have you reached stain removal success? I hope so!

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