Commercial Stain Remover A-Z

A list of recommended commercial stain remover products which have been tried and tested.

The grocery store shelves are lined with commercial stain remover products. With so much choice, it's tough to know which products are best for the job.

Below you will find a commercial stain removal product resource guide from A-Z. These are all tried and tested stain-busters which have proved to be highly effective.

Stain removerBefore browsing the list, please have a quick read over these important stain removal product rules:

Keep stain removers out of the reach of children, as some can be poisonous.

Never use stain-removing chemicals near an open flame, some are flammable.

If using a chemical stain removal product on a fabric that is not colorfast, check the effect of the product on the seam allowance, hem or cuff on the wrong side of the article.

If stain removal products are to be applied to a small area, place the fabric over a pad of absorbent material such as cotton wool or toweling.

Recommended Stain Remover Products:

ACT Natural Cloths: See EuroNet USA

Biz Activated Non Chlorine Bleach: A great all-purpose powdered bleach. Look for it in the laundry aisle at grocery stores and discount stores.

Borax: Better known as 20 Mule Team Borax Laundry Additive. This can be found in the detergent aisle.

Brilliant Bleach: See Soapworks.

Carbona Color Run Remover: Removes fugitive color from fabrics. Available in grocery and discount stores.

Carbona Stain Devils: A great series of spotters that target specific stains, like gum, blood, milk, etc.

Clean Shield Surface Treatment: This product turns all of those hard to clean surfaces in your home (the exterior of the washing machine and dryer, any surface that is not wood or painted) into nonstick surfaces that can be cleaned with water and a soft cloth. No more soap scum or hard water deposits! It never builds up so it won’t make surfaces slippery, and it’s non-toxic too!

Custom Cleaner: Try this if you’re looking for a do it yourself dry cleaning kit to freshen and spot clean clothes. Custom cleaner works on all kinds of spots and has a very pleasant, clean scent. Look for this at grocery stores and discount stores.

De-Solv-It Citrus Solution: Available in home centers, hardware stores, etc, this product has a multitude of uses both inside and out. Great for laundry.

Energine Cleaning Fluid: A great spotter. Look for this stain remover at the hardware store, the home center, and even in some grocery stores (usually on the top shelf with the laundry additives).

Euronet USA: Makers of the ACT Natural Microfiber Cloths. These easy-to-use cloths have been scientifically proven to kill germs and bacteria. They even come with a warranty.

Fels-Naptha Heavy-Duty Laundry Bar Soap: You’ll find this wonderful laundry spotter and cleaner in the bar soap section of the grocery store. It’s usually on the bottom shelf covered in dust, because nobody knows what to use it for!

Fresh Breeze Laundry Soap: See Soapworks.

GOJO Crème Waterless Hand Cleaner: Not just a hand cleaner, GOJO is great for laundry too. Look for it at home centers and hardware stores.

Odorzout: A fabulous, dry, 100% natural deodorizer. It’s nontoxic so you can use it anyplace you have a smell or a stink. Also available in a pouch for shoes, laundry hampers, etc.

Purex Laundry Detergent: Available wherever detergents are sold.

Retayne: Used before you launder colored clothes for the first time, it will help retain color. Available wherever quilting supplies are sold.

Rust Remover: These are serious products, so follow the directions carefully. Look for products like Whink and Rust Magic at hardware stores and home centers.

Soapworks: Manufacturer of wonderful nontoxic, user-friendly and earth-friendly cleaning, laundry and personal care products. Try their Fresh Breeze Laundry Powder, originally designed for allergy and asthma sufferers. Also try their Brilliant Bleach. Believe me, it’s brilliant.

Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover: My all-time favorite carpet spotter is a wonderful laundry spotter too! Available almost everywhere.

Synthrapol: Great for removing fugitive color. Available wherever quilting supplies are sold.

Un-Du: Removes sticky residue from fabric and hard surfaces. Look for it at office supply, home centers and hardware stores.

Washing Soda: I like Arm and Hammer Washing Soda, which can be found in the detergent aisle at the grocery store along with other laundry additives. No, you cannot substitute baking soda; it’s a different product!

WD-40 Lubricant: Fine spray oil for lubricating all kinds of things, WD-40 is wonderful for regenerating grease so that it can be removed from clothes. Look for this stain remover at the hardware store, home center, and even the grocery store.

Wieman’s Wax Away: Removes candle wax from fabrics and hard surfaces. Look for it a grocery stores and discount stores.

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover: This unbelievably good product can be found wherever liquor is sold.

Zout Stain Remover: A very versatile laundry pre-spotter, Zout is thicker than most laundry spotters, so you can target the spot. It really works! Buy it in grocery stores, discount stores, etc.

I hope this commercial stain remover list brings you spot removal success!

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