Toilet Stain Removal Solutions

Toilet stain removalFollow these tips on toilet stain removal to get rid of those spots and keep your toilet sparkling. We all have them. We all have to clean them. There’s no getting around that. But most people are not very efficient at cleaning toilet stains. And many are stumped by those stubborn rings left around the bowl.

To clean a toilet, work from the top down. Start with the tank, move to the seat, clean inside the bowl, and then clean the base. Doing it this way will help you focus. Moreover, the dirtiest part of the toilet – and hence the last place you want your rag to touch – is the base, where the dust mingles with the urine dribbles.

For everything but the bowl, use a dry cloth (nappies work well) and a spray-on bathroom cleaner, preferably one that contains ammonia. There are many makes on the supermarket shelves. Spray the cleaner on the toilet surface and wipe it off with the dry cloth. Keeping the cloth dry makes it easier to wipe everything up. Wet it, and you’ll be chasing that moisture around, wringing and re-wringing the rag. Change rags when one becomes soaked with cleaner. Avoid sponges, which work OK but can absorb – and transfer – microorganisms.

Clean the bowl with a rounded bowl brush and cleaner, which is especially kept near the toilet for this purpose. Avoid brushes with metal wire, since the metal can scratch the toilet bowl.

Toilet stain removal is necessary for stubborn rings around the toilet bowl. Use a pumice stone for cleaning toilet stains, available at pharmacies and bath-product stores. (Pumice stones are the same product you use to rub corns off your feet.) Keeping the stone wet, rub it on the ring until it’s gone. This works for old rings as well. It will not scratch white vitreous china, which is what most toilets are made of, but it will scratch fiberglass, enamel, plastic and other materials.

To clean around the hardware that holds the seat to the toilet and the toilet to the floor, use a grout brush or an old toothbrush.

Have you reached toilet stain removal success? I hope so!

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